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Carbon capture and storage workshop announced

IPIECA is pleased to announce our upcoming workshop –
Carbon capture and storage: addressing the remaining knowledge gaps

The event is taking place at the Four Points Sheraton, Washington DC, USA from 20 September to lunchtime on 21. The workshop will bring together speakers, and participants, from across the expert community including the oil and gas, and energy industries, academia, governments, and relevant organisations. The workshop agenda, and further details can be found on the event webpage.

In order to develop carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in a timeframe commensurate with targets being discussed, a significant number of demonstration projects at full-scale are needed to prove and test various facets of the technology. Both governments and business are progressing with plans for demonstration projects. However, with many stakeholders addressing various issues around CCS, it is unclear what challenges these projects should address. One such area might be contingency planning for storage operations, which has seen little scientific research and little, if any, practical application. This workshop will consider the remaining gaps in knowledge and barriers to CCS, which will help to inform where future demonstration projects might concentrate their efforts.

If you wish to register your interest in attending the event, please visit the event web page. You will need to be a registered user of the IPIECA website, but if you need to register, you can do so easily from the registration page.

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