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COVID-19: Supporting our industry, workers and communities where we operate

IPIECA and its member companies are committed to protecting their people, supporting the communities where they operate and continuing to provide the essential energy the world needs during this unprecedented time. IPIECA plays a critical role in convening its members, and key stakeholders around this issue, to exchange information, facilitate peer-learning, and collaboration to slow the spread of the virus.

Our member companies include multinational energy majors, oil and gas service companies and industry associations with a global footprint and networks covering the entire sector. By convening our worldwide membership, we allow for the global circulation and adoption of COVID-19 initiatives, helping to ensure the wellbeing of millions of workers and communities around the world.

IPIECA-IOGP Health Committee: COVID-19 good practice

The joint IPIECA-IOGP Health Committee has been sharing good practices on a weekly basis on issues such as travel, screening, how and when to evacuate infected people, working in remote and offshore locations, social distancing, work rotations and procedures for returning to work. They have produced a position statement on COVID-19 testing and a briefing document on the mental health impacts of the pandemic.

IPIECA Social Responsibility Group: Enabling a global response

IPIECA’s Social Responsibility Group has been focusing on the role of business in fighting COVID-19. Our members have been sharing ideas of how to connect, collaborate and take action to slow the spread of the virus, with a focus on understanding human rights impacts and supporting those most vulnerable within our supply chains and communities.

IPIECA Association members network: Making use of our worldwide network

IPIECA is also convening, on a fortnightly basis, its unparalleled network of 27 oil and gas industry associations covering every region of the world. Together, they share details and case studies of how they are helping their in-country members protect their staff, respond to government regulations on COVID-19, and prepare for a return to work in the ‘new normal’.

IPIECA Oil Spill Group: Responding during the pandemic

The Oil Spill Group is undertaking a new work stream Planning for response in a pandemic which will reassess existing oil spill contingency plans in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. It aims to ensure that measures taken to stop the spread of the virus such as border restrictions and reduced travel networks do not act as barriers to timely oil spill response efforts.

Through the Global Initiative partnership, IMO and IPIECA are reaching out to Member States to keep them informed of the latest guidance on oil spill prevention and response during the pandemic.

The oil and gas industry: Demonstrating its value in times of crisis

From setting up dedicated COVID-19 hospitals and donating millions of dollars to health organizations,  to providing free fuel for the emergency services and making sure the most vulnerable members of the community have food delivered to their door, the response of IPIECA members to combat the virus has been extraordinary.

With its global footprint, experience in dealing with complex challenges and logistics expertise, IPIECA members are playing a key role in private sector response to the COVID-19 crisis.

For complete updates on IPIECA members’ COVID-19 responses please click on the links below.

Baker Hughes








Marathon Oil






Wintershall Dea


As coronavirus continues to impact every corner of the globe, the oil and gas industry is committed ensuring the wellbeing of the communities where they operate and the health and safety of their workers as they continue to provide the world with the power it needs to defeat COVID-19.

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