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Calendar8 May 2018
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The Water risk assessment e-learning training course guides oil and gas professionals through Ipieca's two water tools; the Global Water Tool for Oil and Gas, and the GEMI Local Water Tool for Oil and Gas. These tools help in the process of identifying water risks throughout the life cycle of oil and gas activities and can be used together to assess both global water risks in a company's overall portfolio, as well as risks and opportunities related to specific sites or operations.

The course aims to enhance understanding of water risks in the oil and gas sector and guide the user on how to use the global and local water tool within their own company. The course also helps to gain a holistic view of project planning, internal company coordination, data gathering, module workflow, and how implementing a water management plan can address certain water risks and create opportunities for a company.

The Water risk assessment e-learning training course is now available in French and Spanish, as well as English

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