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Global Water Tool for Oil and Gas - 2015 update

Water tool news

IPIECA has launched the new, customized version of the free and easy-to-use World Business Council Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Global Water Tool for oil and gas. The updated, Version II tool provides enhanced functionality and new data sets enabling a thorough assessment of potential water risks and opportunities across a global portfolio of sites considering the entire oil and gas value chain.

The Version II update is an improvement on Version I (2011) in many ways, including:

  • New software architecture refining the ease of navigation and uploading of data
  • The inclusion of new data sets from WRI Aqueduct such as ‘Projected change in Water Stress 2020, 2030 and 2040’
  • The update of the majority of data sets from Version I
  • The update of reporting modules

The tool continues to provide important services for the industry:

  • Compares site-by-site water use with validated water, sanitation and population information for a company
  • Establishes water risk in order to aid the prioritisation of action
  • Enables the calculation of water consumption, efficiency and intensity metrics
  • Creates IPIECA and GRI water sustainability reporting indicator data, inventories, risk and performance metrics and geographic mapping
  • Allows both internal and external stakeholder communication on your company’s water issues
  • Links to GEMI Local Water Tool
  • Includes specific mapping icons relevant for the different parts of the oil and gas value chain

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