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Ipieca has attended every UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP event since the first one was held in 1995 in Berlin. In fact, Ipieca was present at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, one of the outcomes of which was the establishment of the UNFCCC and with it the Conference of Parties or COP climate conferences.

UN conventions are at the heart of what we do. Ipieca was set up at the request of the UN Environment Programme in 1974, while the first Ipieca Principle, a condition of membership, is ‘to support the Paris Agreement and its aims’. Our core role is to raise to awareness and support for UN conventions and produce and share good practice guidance which contribute to achieving their objectives.

So, what does Ipieca do at COP events?

Listening, not lobbying

As a non-lobby, non-governmental organization (NGO), Ipieca does not take part in negotiations at COP events. We are there just to listen. In line with Ipieca’s strict non-lobby approach and our UNFCCC NGO observer status, Ipieca representatives at COP28 will not, and indeed cannot, take part in the negotiations, which are only open to participation by government and national representatives.

Hosting and taking part in events to drive climate action

While on site at COP28, Ipieca will host its own events and workshops to support the topics under discussion and promote cross-sector collaboration and solutions, as well as participate in those of other organizations, including:

Business leadership on the Global Stocktake: catalyzing investment while prioritizing a just transition

  • Organizers: Ipieca, US Chamber of Commerce, USCIB, IOE, CII, CEOE

Multi-sector collaboration: accelerating action on methane and delivering the Global Methane Pledge

  • Organizers: IGU, CRIN, Ipieca panellist

The 2023 IMO GHG Strategy: defining the global level playing field for shipping decarbonization

  • Organizers: IMO, IRENA, UNCTAD, Ipieca panellist

Providing industry technical inputs to support a successful COP28

Ahead of COP28, Ipieca provided input to the technical component of the UNFCCC’s Global Stocktake. This element of the Global Stocktake explored how gaps in the implementation of the Paris Agreement can be bridged, with a focus on technology, emissions mitigation, capacity building and cross-sector collaboration. This role aligned well with Ipieca’s expertise in producing fact-based guidance on practices and technologies which can help the industry lower its greenhouse gas emissions.

Advancing COP28 objectives

Once COP28 closes, Ipieca will work with its members and partners to raise awareness of the outcomes, share learnings and insights, and produce practical guidance and tools to support the industry contribute to achieving the COP28 objectives, as part of our ongoing commitment to support the Paris Agreement, advance climate action and sustainable development.

Brian Sullivan

Executive Director

Brian joined Ipieca as the Executive Director in 2011 following a 23 year career in bp. He graduated in Metallurgy and Materials Science from Imperial College, London, UK and was recruited into bp's Refining and Marketing international graduate programme in 1986.

During his time with bp he has had a varied career of technical, commercial, financial and leadership roles across the downstream value chain including crude and products trading, marine fuels, lubricants and alternative energy.

During his tenure at Ipieca, he has overseen the growth of the Association and leads their contribution to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement and the Energy Transition. 2022 saw the launch of the Ipieca Principles, a new condition of membership promoting support for UN agreements and practices that align with them.

Brian is a Fellow of the Energy Institute.

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