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Throughout 2021 Ipieca provided leadership across oil, gas and renewables on mainstreaming sustainability by advancing climate action, environmental responsibility and social performance. We worked with our members to produce and share good practice and knowledge across the industry and beyond, as well as contribute to UN multilateral initiatives and the global events calendar.

In 2021, Ipieca:

  • Published 19 good practice guidance documents
  • Produced over 30 webinars
  • Participated in over 30 international conferences and events, including 7 UN events
  • Hosted 10 virtual workshops, bringing together the industry and UN, NGO civil society and academia
  • Continued to expand its global membership to 74 companies

Below, we highlight some of the key work Ipieca completed in 2021.


Accelerating action: An SDG Roadmap for the oil and gas sector

The Roadmap identifies 93 actions across the systemic themes of climate, nature and people which Ipieca and companies working within the sector can take to maximise the oil and gas industry's contributions to 10 priority SDGs - those on which the industry can make the most material impact.

Hydrogen: enabling the energy transition and the pathways to net-zero emissions

The awareness briefing provides a broad overview of technology and areas of application, exploring the different methods by which hydrogen can be produced and stored, as well as the opportunities for its use in industry, transportation and households. It also features a range of industry case studies, showcasing the essential role hydrogen can play in a low-carbon future.

Human rights due diligence guidance

This second edition reflects the continued evolution and valuable lessons learnt by Ipieca members from their shared experiences of developing and implementing human rights due diligence (HRDD) processes. The guidance aims to assist oil and gas companies in integrating HRDD processes into existing company processes.

Water management framework

This water management guidance can be applied across any local hydrological, environmental, social-economic and regulatory setting. It facilitates an integrated approach to water resources management and can also be used as a communication tool with external stakeholders on how the industry is managing and protecting water resources. The framework promotes a collaborative approach to identify and understand potential impacts on ecosystem services and the needs of other users.

See the resources section for more freely available Ipieca publications


Zigzag to Zero? Positive pathways to Paris - an industry, investor and civil society roundtable

Following a keynote introduction by Mark Radka of the UN Environment Programme, this interactive, virtual roundtable examines the topic of the energy transition and net-zero emissions through three lenses: investors and international organizations; regional perspectives; and industry initiatives.

Watch the recording | Download the roundtable summary report | Download the graphic recording (visual summary)

Webinar series: Methane

In the first half of 2021, SPE Gaia, in collaboration with OGCI, Ipieca and IOGP held a series of four webinars to explore leading oil and gas organizations' efforts to reduce methane emissions.

Watch webinar 1: Detection and quantification methods | Watch webinar 2: technology and investment focus

Watch webinar 3: Policy focus and industry action | Watch webinar 4: Satellite data on methane emissions

Download the webinar series summary report

Launch of the Ipieca Supply chain library of questions and resources

During this webinar, Liana Alvarez (Supply Chain Working Group Chair, ExxonMobil) Morten Mikkelsen (Ipieca Chair and Supply Chain Working Group ExCom Champion, Equinor), Chloe Barnett and Sabrina Genter (ERM) provided an overview of Ipieca's Supply chain library of questions and resources, including its purpose, use and key features.

The library was developed as a resource for oil and gas companies to assess potential supply chain risks and impacts across a broad set of sustainability topics including labour rights, working conditions, diversity and inclusion, security arrangements, community, and environmental responsibility.

Watch the recording | Download the Supply chain library of questions and resources

More webinars from 2021:

Introducing Accelerating action: an SDG Roadmap for the oil and gas sector

World Bank's Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partnership: Global gas flaring estimates for 2020

Several members only webinars from 2021 are available to watch on the Ipieca Members Area webinars page, accessible to all employees of Ipieca member companies. If you require access to the Ipieca Members Area, please complete this form.

UN representation

2021 reinforced Ipieca's position as the industry's primary interface with the UN. Throughout the year Ipieca participated in key UN events including:

COP 26: Ipieca monitored negotiations, held our own side event on net-zero operations and participated in other organizations' events and meetings.

CBD COP 15: Ipieca has attending preparatory meetings, providing feedback on the draft framework. During the first phase Ipieca was represented by TotalEnergies' Steven Dickinson on sessions focused on mainstreaming biodiversity in the energy sector.

UNEP global end of leaded petrol: 2021 marked the global end of leaded petrol. Ipieca Executive Director Brian Sullivan took part in UNEP's press conference to mark this achievement.

In a year full of UN engagement, Ipieca also represented the industry at:

See the events section for more

The global events calendar

We shared our good practice guidance and promoted the contribution the oil and gas industry is making to the energy transition and sustainable development agenda at over 30 industry, multilateral andacademic events during the year, including:

  • The Energy Institute's International Petroleum Week and its Health, Safety and Sustainability Conference
  • The 23rd World Petroleum Congress
  • Citizen's Energy Congress
  • IUCN's World Conservation Congress


Collaboration is at the heart of what Ipieca does. In 2021 we continued to work with existing stakeholders and signed a memorandum of understanding with IUCN, obtained ICAO observer status and launched the SDG Roadmap with WBCSD.

Download a shareable summary graphic of Ipieca's 2021 impacts below.


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