Calendar7 December 2022

From 7 to 19 December world leaders will gather in Montreal at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) COP15, which many consider as potentially being the Paris Agreement moment for nature. They are there to negotiate and sign off on the Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), which will provide action-oriented targets to reverse biodiversity loss and protect and enhance the natural world.

Ipieca at COP15

Ipieca and its members are committed to supporting the aims of the GBF and COP15, and have had observer status since the first CBD COP event in 1994. Ipieca's role at CBD COP15 is to listen to the negotiations, engage with stakeholders and feedback the outcomes to our members. When finalised, Ipieca will integrate the GBF into its workstreams and produce good practice and tools to enable the oil, gas and alternative energy industry to operationalise the GBF and contribute to its targets.

While on site at COP15, the Ipieca delegation will use the opportunity to host, participate in and listen to events, workshop and meetings to explore opportunities for collaboration and to drive action on the issues under discussion, including:

  • CSBI side event on Nature positive: The emerging business as usual, 9 December 14:30-16:30, Action Zone, Place Quebec
  • Official CBD side event: Ipieca-IUCN event on Mainstreaming biodiversity in oil and gas and alternative energies, 9 December 18:15-19:45, Blue Zone, side event 2-512F

Ipieca secretariat onsite at COP15

Ian Sealy, Environment Director

Artemis Kostareli, Senior Environment Manager

Kristie Lo, Environment Manager

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