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Ipieca will hold an official side event, monitor negotiations and incorporate outcomes into our workstreams.

Why COP27 is important

Today marks the opening of COP27 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Taking place ahead of the 2022 deadline for countries to update their 2030 emissions reduction targets, the event will play a key role in raising countries' levels of ambitions. Bringing together governments, industry, NGOs and civil society, it provides the opportunity to create the partnerships and strategies needed to achieve these targets.

With the signing of the Glasgow Climate Pact at COP26, agreeing on a range of items, including strengthening efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions, build resilience to climate change and to provide the necessary finance for both, the focus at COP27 is very much on implementation and delivery.

The Global Goal on Adaptation to strengthen resilience to climate change was one of the significant outcomes of COP26 in Glasgow and is one of the Egyptian Presidency key items to progress on during COP27.

The conference will also see negotiations regarding some points that were not concluded at COP26 in Glasgow, including 'loss and damage' financing to support countries deal with the consequences of climate change as well as fulfilling the pledge of USD 100 billion every year of climate finance from developed nations to low-income countries.

Ipieca's role at COP27

As a UNFCCC accredited organization, Ipieca has attended every COP event since the first one was held in Berlin in 1995.

During COP events we make use of our UNFCCC observer status to monitor the negotiations, and hold our own official side events to support debate on relevant topics. We also take part in events held by governments and other organizations and host meetings in the conference side-lines.

Once COP events are finished, we provide our members with briefings on the event and ensure the outcomes are incorporated into our work programme.

Ipieca onsite events and activity at COP27

Official side event

Theme: Adaptation, resilience and just transition: business engagement to deliver the Paris Agreement

Date: 14 November (16:45- 18:15)

Location: Amon room, Blue zone

Partners: US Chamber (lead organization), the World Steel Association and USCIB

Ipieca-led side event

Theme: Enablers of a net-zero emissions future in the Global South

Date: 15 November (16:30 - 18:00)

Location: IETA BusinessHub, Blue zone

Side event with OGCI

Theme: Measuring up to the methane challenge

Date: 17 November (15:00 - 16:30)

Location: IETA BusinessHub, Blue zone

Ipieca supported events

Theme: The role of NOCs in the energy transition and decarbonization pathways

Host: Colombian government

Date: 11 November (16:15 - 17:00)

Location: Colombian Pavilion

Ipieca involvement: Ipieca COP27 Task Force Chair Arthur Lee will take part as a panellist

Theme: Unlocking policy solutions for the just transition

Host: The B Team

Date: 14 November (09:30 - 10:30)

Location: We Mean Business Pavilion

Ipieca involvement: Ipieca Director of Sustainability and Social Performance will take part as a panellist

Theme: What does accountability for financial institutions on providing the needed Climate finance look like?

Host: WBA

Date: 16 November (08:45 - 10:00)

Location: We Mean Business Pavilion

Ipieca involvement: Ipieca Climate Director Ewan McKenzie will take part as a panellist

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