Calendar11 February 2020
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Taking place in London, 25-27 February, IP Week 2020 will explore how the oil and gas industry can be a key player in delivering a low-carbon future.

Transport is the backbone of modern society, providing unprecedented levels of personal mobility and facilitating global trade and commerce. As a major emitter of carbon dioxide, the transport sector will require a transformation over the course of the century to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

On 27 February Ipieca's Technical Director for Climate and Energy Jim Herbertson will moderate a session on low-carbon transport with a range of speakers covering light- and heavy-duty transport, aviation and shipping and refining.

He will also present the findings from Ipieca Low-emissions pathways for transport briefing, which identifies routes to a low-emissions transport system including:

  • Battery technologies
  • Improvements in engine efficiencies
  • Ramping up biofuels, hydrogen and synthetic fuels
  • Policy support and industry action

About IP Week

As one of the biggest events in the energy sector, IP Week brings together over 1,500 industry professionals from over 50 countries, making this internationally renowned event the place to hear the latest news and updates, debate key issues, and network to form new partnerships.

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