Calendar5 April 2022

The UN Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) brought together representatives from 193 member states of the UN, businesses, civil society and other stakeholders to hold the final negotiations on the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF). The pre-Conference of Parties (COP) meetings, including the 3rd Open Ended Working Group, the 3rd Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Implementation, and the 24th Meeting of the Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice took place on 13-29 March 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ipieca's interventions

Ipieca was present at the meetings to demonstrate the business momentum on nature and to contribute to the negotiations, raising the business voice in support of more ambition. Ipieca made two, well received, interventions around:

  • The general structure of the GBF, where the 2030 Milestones should be SMART and integrated into the 2050 Goals to incentivise businesses and the long-term approach to mainstreaming, which should be strengthened and expanded
  • Ipieca's support of Target 3 (30% land and sea areas protected by 2030), which should also be strengthened

Participation at the Business for Nature side events

Over the course of the first week, Ipieca participated in the side events hosted by Business for Nature which took place on 14-17 March 2022. Roundtables were held to align business actions with the GBF and 2030 action targets. A key outcome of the event was to develop a concept note to attract CEOs to attend the CBD COP 15.

Looking forward to CBD COP 15

The Geneva meetings have advanced negotiations on the ambitious GBF but require more time. An additional negotiation is expected to be held at the end of June in Nairobi.Promoting the industry's good practice and developing tools to support the industry to operationalise the GBF will be key components for the effective implementation of the GBF. Ipieca will continue to actively engage with its members, partners and CBD Secretariat in order to prepare for CBD COP 15, expected to take place at the end of August 2022 in Kunming, China, which will mark the launch of the GBF.

Learn more about Ipieca's role with the UN CBD.

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