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About Stockholm+50

Taking place 2-3 June, Stockholm+50 commemorates the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, the first UN conference on the environment, which led to the establishment of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The theme for the event is 'Healthy planet for the prosperity of all - our responsibility, our opportunity'. Stockholm+50 presents an opportunity for a multi-stakeholder approach to accelerate implementation in areas fundamental to a sustainable future: the relationship between humans and nature, what we invest in, and how resources are used and shared. The aim is to have an action-orientated outcome around three leadership dialogues:

  • Reflecting on the urgent need for actions to achieve a healthy planet and prosperity of all
  • Achieving a sustainable and inclusive recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Accelerating the implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development in the context of the Decade of Action

Ipieca's role and activities at Stockholm+50

As the industry's primary interface with the UN, Ipieca's role is to share industry knowledge and action on the issues under discussion, monitor meetings, report the outcomes to Ipieca members and support the industry to align with the priority actions resulting from the event.

We will be raising awareness of the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap, which identifies beyond-business-as-usual actions that the oil and gas sector can take to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. We will also use the occasion to launch an SDG Roadmap progress report highlighting the actions Ipieca has taken in the year since its launch.

On 3 June, Ipieca Deputy Executive Director Sophie Depraz will take part in the WBCSD hosted side event How to accelerate the mobility value chain sustainable transformation?

The Ipieca delegation at Stockholm includes:

The UN and Ipieca: an enduring partnership

The history of Ipieca, our very purpose, is interlinked with that of the UN. Ipieca was founded in 1974 at the request of the UNEP to provide a UN interface with the oil and gas industry on environmental issues. Since then, we have formed impactful partnerships with a number of UN organizations across the areas of climate, nature, people and sustainability.

Ipieca has taken part in some of the UN's most important initiatives over the last four decades. At the time of the first Earth Summit in Rio, Ipieca established a Post-Rio Task Force to analyse the outcomes of the Rio conference and map the oil and gas industry to Agenda 21, a comprehensive plan of action covering every area in which human activity impacts the environment.

We participated in the following Rio+10 and Rio+20 events, working in collaboration with UNEP and other industry sectors. The focus was on the development of the SDGs, which Ipieca has worked with its members to drive industry action on since their official adoption by world leaders in 2015.

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