Calendar5 September 2019
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World Water Week is an annual event organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). It is a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing between the scientific, business, policy and civic communities on global water issues. The 2019 theme for World Water Week was 'Water for Society: Including all'.

One of the key statements from the week was that the world needs to step up effortsto fulfil SDG6: Clean water and sanitation, and there was a call for governments, institutions and private sector companies to start applying the water-based solutions that already exist. Emphasis was placed on the power of public-private partnerships and transboundary cooperation, with examples of water stewardship from multiple sectors including the mining, textiles, and agriculture sectors.

Throughout the week, research was presented on the importance of integrating the perspectives of all ages, genders and social groups to use water to tackle challenges such as climate change and food scarcity. The oil and gas industry can continue to play a key role in meeting the SDGs and supporting access to and sustainable management of water - by including all actors in the process.

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