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50 years ago, Ipieca was established in 1974 at the request of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to act as the engagement channel between UNEP and the oil and gas industry on environmental and climate issues.

In the five decades that have followed Ipieca's scope has expanded to also cover social performance and mainstreaming sustainability and now works with a wide range of UN bodies - as well as NGOs, civil society and academia - across its strategic pillars of climate, nature, people and sustainability.

Key Ipieca milestones and highlights include:

Ipieca Executive Director Brian Sullivan said, ‘Ipieca’s achievements over the last 50 years are a testament to the power of partnerships. Bringing together some of the foremost sustainability experts from across our membership with their counterparts in the UN, civil society and academia has enabled us to make a significant – and unique – contribution to areas of climate, nature, people and sustainability.’

Ipieca Chair Morten Mikkelsen said, ‘While Ipieca’s scope has expanded and its membership increased greatly over the years, our core role remains the same as it was when we were established 50 years ago: to raise awareness and support for UN conventions and provide the good practice guidance and tools to help industry contribute to achieving them.’

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