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IPIECA celebrates its 41st birthday

40th E News
IPIECA founding meeting, 13 March 1974 - Hyde Park Hotel, London

41 years ago today, a small group of oil and gas companies from across the globe agreed that complex environmental issues could be better solved by working together rather than on a company basis. Formed on 13 March 1974, IPIECA now brings together 37 member companies operating in 146 countries and covering over half the world’s oil and gas production.

Through peer exchange, workshops and guidance documents, IPIECA continues to provide a unique opportunity for the industry to improve its operations and products to meet society’s growing expectations of its environmental and social performance. For 41 years, IPIECA has fostered and facilitated the partnerships that enable oil and gas companies to develop many practical solutions that help the industry meet the world’s energy needs through responsible operations.

We invite you to celebrate this day with us by visiting the 40 Years of IPIECA anniversary section of our website. There, we highlight IPIECA’s achievements both big and small, local and global, and include testimonials from member companies and two of our stakeholders: the International Maritime Organization and the United Nations Environmental Programme.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, one thing remains unchanged: IPIECA’s commitment to championing good practices on environmental and social issues across the oil and gas industry.

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