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Today marks the 45th anniversary of the foundation of Ipieca. On 13 March 1974, Ipieca was established at the request of United Nations Environment (formerly UNEP) to develop a shared industry response to environmental and social issues.

Ipieca remains the global oil and gas industry's principal channel of engagement with the UN. As a recognised consultative body, Ipieca has forged strong partnerships with UN Environment, UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, International Maritime Organization, UN Working Group on Human Rights, the UN Environment Programme- World Conservation Monitoring Centre, and the UN Development Programme.

For 45 years, Ipieca has been working with its members to advance environmental and social performance across the oil and gas industry. Ipieca facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing between its members and stakeholders to improve operational and product performance to meet society's expectations, and to contribute to the sustainable development agenda.

From a handful of founding members, Ipieca's global membership now stands at 39 companies, operating in 180 countries and employing 1.1 million people. Our 24 association members represent an additional network of more than 1800 oil and gas companies.

'Our growing membership continues to work together through Ipieca to advance the environmental and social performance of the industry's operations and products', said Ipieca's Executive Director, Brian Sullivan. 'The challenges of sustainable development, addressing climate change and meeting the world's energy needs are all areas where working in partnership is the key to success and where no individual company can succeed on their own.'

Looking forward, Ipieca will continue to use its unique position within the industry to develop, promote and share good practices with the oil and gas sector, forming new alliances and partnerships to continue advancing environmental and social performance across the industry.

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