Calendar2 May 2023

Ipieca has submitted input to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) first ever Global Stocktake of the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The aim of the Global Stocktake is to assess the world’s collective progress towards meeting the Paris Agreement.

As an UNFCCC observer focused on developing and sharing climate, nature, people and sustainability good practice, Ipieca provided input to the technical dialogue component of the Global Stocktake.

The Global Stocktake started in 2021 and will conclude at COP28, later this year. The process will be repeated every five years. The main component of the Global Stocktake is the collection and preparation of information to assess global progress on the Paris Agreement aims. This information will then be processed to identify opportunities to enhance action on emissions reduction and international cooperation.

Set to take place ahead of COP28, the technical dialogue brings together Parties to the Paris Agreement with technical experts to explore how gaps in the implementation of the Paris Agreement can be bridged, with a focus on technology, emissions mitigation, capacity building and cross-sector collaboration.

Ipieca’s submission details how the oil, gas and alternative energy industry can contribute to a net-zero future which enhances people’s lives and cares for nature, covering:

  • Low-emissions pathways
  • Emissions management
  • Just transition
  • Integrating the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Natural climate solutions
  • Sustainability reporting

Click here to view the Ipieca submission to the first Global Stocktake.

Ipieca is committed to supporting the achievement of the Paris Agreement. As a condition of membership, Ipieca members agree to the Ipieca Principles, the first of which commits them to support the Paris Agreement and its aims; the second of which commits them to advance emissions reduction and innovation and enable adoption of low-carbon products and solutions.

Find out how Ipieca works to support a net-zero future here.

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