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IPIECA highlights international partnerships at PAJ Oil Spill workshop

IPIECA Executive Director, Brian Sullivan, gave the keynote speech at the Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ) 2015 Oil Spill Workshop in Tokyo. The speech highlighted the varying models of international partnerships used by IPIECA and its members across a spectrum of environmental and social issues. The partnership models all have the common message that working in collaboration achieves more than in isolation. A key example included the Global Initiative for Oil Spill Preparedness and Response - established and implemented through IPIECA’s partnership with the International Maritime Organization - now operates in three regions to improve oil spill prevention, preparedness and response with two more regions under development.

Opened by Mr Muneyuki Sana, Chair of the OSR Measures Committee of PAJ, the event was attended by 160 industry experts from Japanese industry, academia and government organisations. Other speakers included ITOPF, Oil Spill Response Limited, OSCT Indonesia, the Japanese Coast Guard, Eastern Canada Response Corporation and PAJ.

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