Calendar29 November 2022

Earlier this month Ipieca attended its association members Arpel and ACP's conferences in Peru and Colombia, respectively.

Ipieca provided inputs to panels aimed to support companies in the region contribute to the energy transition and sustainable development. We also used the opportunity to raise awareness of Ipieca's work in support of local companies environmental and social performance.

Arpel Conference 2022

Arpel, the Latin America and Caribbean oil, gas and renewable energy association, held the sixth edition of its Oil and Gas Conference in Lima, Peru, 14-16 November.

Ipieca Executive Director Brian Sullivan took part in a panel on Sustainability, transparency, and compliance - enhancing the transformation in an era of higher stakeholders' expectations. He highlighted the emerging trends in the sustainability and reporting landscape. The session covered:

  1. The need to implement on the ground SDG actions and how the Ipieca-WBCSD SDG Roadmap can support companies to do so
  2. Sustainability action requires a systemic approach
  3. Reporting on progress requires evidence and disclosure
  4. The importance of listening to stakeholder expectations and how sustainability reporting can act as an engagement tool
  5. Associations play a key role in bringing the industry and stakeholders together to develop knowledge and share good practice to address sustainability issues

Ipieca Deputy Executive Director Sophie Depraz participated in panel on Climate change, energy transitions and the role of the oil and gas sector. She focused on:

  1. How the oil and gas industry can play an important role in the energy transition and sustainable development in the region - providing the energy access to drive prosperity and wellbeing, while reducing its emissions
  2. The need to share the economic and social benefits of the energy transition, develop skills for the future energy system, taking an inclusive approach that leaves no one behind
  3. There are many pathways to NZE emissions. Each region and company have their own requirements and will move towards the energy transition with its own pace
  4. Ipieca has a key role to play to help our sector by sharing knowledge, convening industry and stakeholders and develop good practices

ACP Oil, Gas and Energy Summit: Geopolitics, Transition and Energy Security Conference

The Colombian Association for Oil and Gas (ACP) held its conference in Bogota, Colombia, 15 - 18 November.

Brian took part in the opening plenary on Climate change, challenges and opportunities, which discussed:

  1. The challenges and opportunities for Colombia to tackle climate change
  2. How the Colombian oil and gas sector is reducing its operational emissions
  3. The importance of varied stakeholder interaction to exchange knowledge and identify cross sector solutions to scale up climate action

Ipieca global membership includes international oil companies, national oil companies service providers as well as over 30 association members, covering every region. This enables us to amplify the reach of Ipieca environmental and social good practice and gain regional insights into emerging sustainability issues.

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