Calendar29 March 2022

The 2021 Annual Review reflects how Ipieca is uniquely positioned to advance environmental and social performance to support the oil, gas and alternative energy industry's contribution to a net-zero future in the context of sustainable development.

Throughout 2021 Ipieca provided leadership across oil, gas and renewables on integrating sustainability by advancing climate action, environmental responsibility and social performance.

We have made a good start to the first year of our 2021-2024 strategy. We worked with members and new and existing stakeholders to produce and share good practice and knowledge across the industry in support of our strategic objectives and vision.

'Collaboration is driving our strategy', says Ipieca Chair, Morten Mikkelsen, 'we bring together experts from our member companies, the UN, civil society and academic institutes around the interconnected issues of climate, nature, people and sustainability, enabling them to work on these issues in a holistic way.'

Ipieca published 19 good practice guidance documents, produced over 30 webinars, participated in over 30 international conferences and events, hosted 13 virtual workshops, and continued to expand our global membership to 74 companies. The 2021 Annual Review also demonstrates the progress Ipieca has made towards implementing the SDG Roadmap, published with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development in 2021, which identifies actions Ipieca and the oil and gas sector can take to accelerate the realization of the UN SDGs.

'We are now in implementation mode and are making good progress on our Roadmap journey,' says Ipieca Executive Director Brian Sullivan. Looking ahead, he adds 'I am proud - and excited - by the strategic direction Ipieca has taken. I look forward to continuing to work with members and stakeholders to advance the industry's environmental and social performance and contribution to the energy transition and sustainable development agenda.'

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