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IPIECA launches Community Grievance Mechanism toolbox


IPIECA has launched a set of practical tools to enable oil and gas companies to create, implement and raise awareness of Community Grievance Mechanisms (CGMs).

Wherever oil and gas companies do business, engaging with affected communities and responding to their concerns is essential to operating successfully whilst ensuring respect for human rights. Processes that allow concerns to be raised and remedied—also known CGMs—are an important method of achieving this aim. When applied effectively they offer the prospect of a more efficient, immediate and inexpensive form of dispute resolution for both companies and communities.

The IPIECA CGM toolbox is designed to enhance the capabilities of oil and gas companies in addressing and managing community concerns as well as the impacts these concerns can have on business operations. The toolbox, is based on the operational experiences of IPIECA member companies and includes:

  • Training Pack – to introduce CGMs
  • How-To Guide – to develop a new CGM or to improve an existing mechanism
  • Template Procedure – a prototype CGM that can be adapted to the specific needs of a project site
  • Complaint Risk Assessment Tool – to assess an operation’s complaint exposure.
  • Diagnostic Tool – to improve an existing CGM
  • Grievance Register – to monitor, track and learn from grievances/complaints

These tools are relevant for both companies who have existing CGM processes and those seeking to establish a CGM. More broadly, this toolbox encourages the implementation of the Access to Remedy pillar outlined in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

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