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Ipieca launches Exploring low-emissions pathways for transport

IPIECA has released a new awareness brief, Exploring low-emissions pathways for transport. It builds on the 2016 IPIECA publication Exploring low-emission pathways: Advancing the Paris Puzzle and demonstrates how the oil and gas industry is an essential partner in sustainable development and in enabling the transition to a low-emissions future.

Transport is the backbone of modern society, providing unprecedented levels of personal mobility and facilitating global trade and commerce. As economic activity and personal incomes increase, the transport sector is expected to grow along with the energy needed to power this sector. Transport contributes just under a quarter of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, as such, the sector will require a transformation to meet the aim of the Paris Agreement and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This awareness brief explores the wide range of technologies that will be necessary for the transport sector to evolve. Improvements in engine efficiencies and vehicle design will continue to provide significant emissions reductions across all types of transport. In addition, widespread electrification of the light-duty vehicle fleet, battery technology, advanced biofuels, synthetic fuels, hydrogen vehicles and different modes of mobility will also contribute to this transformation. The brief also considers the challenges presented by heavy-duty vehicles, aviation and commercial shipping to electrification.

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