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IPIECA launches the 'Supply chain library of questions and resources'

IPIECA announces the launch of the Supply chain library of questions and resources, a document prepared to help procurement practitioners and those engaged in supply chain identify and manage the human rights and environmental risks in the oil and gas industry.

This internal document, available to members only, covers risks in labour and workplace human rights and environment. It consists of three main areas:

  1. Library of potential questions including evidence and considerations for consistency with 3rd party principles around child labour and young workers, forced labour and human trafficking, non-discrimination, freedom of association, working conditions: wages, hours, health and safety, grievance mechanisms and environmental responsibility.
  2. Resources which outline the 3rd party principles around the above topics and describe the business relevance as well as the challenges and opportunities for suppliers.
  3. Annexes which include the references of the 3rd party principles related to each of the main topics addressed.

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