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IPIECA recognizes the contribution of the United Nations to business and human rights

IPIECA congratulates the Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General (SRSG) for achieving a reasoned and open discussion on the complex topic of business and human rights. His efforts have culminated in the recent endorsement of the Guiding Principles by the United Nations Human Rights Council.  

IPIECA has appreciated participating in the global, multi-stakeholder consultation process that has been at the core of the SRSG’s efforts to help clarify the important distinctions of States and companies with regard to human rights. The recent endorsement by the Council is a critical step to continuing a meaningful multi-stakeholder engagement in this area.

The oil and gas industry continues to operate in diverse and challenging environments where complex human rights issues may be more prevalent. Against this backdrop, and to support the practical understanding of the Guiding Principles, IPIECA is launching a special industry initiative that will leverage the collective experience and practical know-how of its members. The initiative aims to advance a collaborative learning forum for the oil and gas industry, strengthen members’ organizational capabilities, and contribute to the evolution of the SRSG’s work.   

IPIECA has been working on human rights issues and raising awareness across the oil and gas industry since 2002. IPIECA continues to serve as a constructive forum to facilitate the exchange of industry practices and opportunities for continuous learning.

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