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IPIECA releases a fact sheet on methane emissions

methane factsheet e-news

While carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have traditionally dominated climate change discussions, recent trends demonstrate a growing interest in the role of methane (CH4) and other short-lived climate forcers.

IPIECA's new fact sheet Exploring methane emissions considers methane emissions and their wider implications, and explores the associated challenges, opportunities and continuing efforts within the oil and gas sector to address them.

Topics covered in the fact sheet include:

  • The role of natural gas in the energy mix
  • Emissions from natural gas and coal for power generation
  • Methane as a greenhouse gas mitigation opportunity
  • The contribution of methane emissions per sector
  • Methane emissions studies and shale gas
  • Acting to reduce methane emissions

For more information, visit the Climate Change section of our website.

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