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IPIECA releases Annual Review 2014 – An extraordinary journey

Annueal Review 2014

The theme of this year’s annual review – An extraordinary journey – reflects the work and accomplishments made possible through the collaborative efforts of IPIECA’s members, the Secretariat and key stakeholders for the previous four decades. The review highlights some of the key achievements from 2014 across the spectrum of IPIECA’s activities on environmental and social issues including all the events and publications involving the association.

In the Chair’s statement, Rick Mire underscores the continued relevance of IPIECA in bringing the oil and gas industry together to better solve the magnitude of the environmental and social challenges as they relate to industry. He adds that climate change and water were key areas of focus in 2014 with last year’s climate change activities serving as a springboard for the 2015 COP-21 in Paris, France.

In the Executive Director’s foreword, Brian Sullivan addresses 2014 marking the halfway point in IPIECA’s 2013-16 strategic plan with evidence of progress against IPIECA’s aim to take a greater leadership role on environmental and social issues. He acknowledges the current industry uncertainty but remains confident that IPIECA will continue to deliver the strategy - providing both leadership and responsiveness - to meet these challenges.

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