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Ipieca releases technical support document on oiled wildlife

IPIECA has released a new publication - Key principles for the protection, care and rehabilitation of oiled wildlife. This was developed in support of the IPIECA-IOGP guidance Wildlife response preparedness.

The document provides additional guidance for animal protection and care in an oiled wildlife response to help operators and responders:

  • Understand the overarching principles of wildlife response, including:
    • The health and safety of responders
    • Animal handling, including the principles of triage and euthanasia
    • Construction and layout of facilities
    • Wildlife response team organization
  • Understand the technical principles of wildlife response, including:
    • Surveillance/reconnaissance
    • Hazing/deterrence
    • Capture of live oiled animals
    • Collection/evaluation of dead oiled animals
    • Field stabilization/first aid, care and support
    • Pre – release care, release and post-release monitoring

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