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IPIECA releases The Paris Puzzle: The pathway to a low-emissions future

Paris Puzzle

IPIECA has launched The Paris Puzzle: The Pathway to a low-emissions future, which lays out our global membership's views on the challenges the world faces in transitioning to a low-emissions future, and identifies the critical parts of the puzzle:Meeting energy needs; Effective policy; Managing our emissions; Natural gas; and Carbon capture and storage.

IPIECA recognises that a low-emissions global energy system would look significantly different from today and that such a transformation would be a major challenge to accomplish. Within The Paris Puzzle:The Pathway to a low-emissions future our key messages are:

  • IPIECA recognises that addressing the risks of climate change is a challenge for our generation and will be for those to come. Meeting the challenge will require actions from all parts of society. Significant policy action, technology development and business response will be needed over many decades. The oil and gas industry can play a key role in helping society to meet the challenge.
  • IPIECA supports and encourages governments in their efforts to reach an effective and clear international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to manage the risks of climate change.
  • IPIECA believes it is possible to address climate change risks while also meeting growing global energy demand and supporting economic development. As an industry we are already taking a range of actions across our own operations and products to support these goals.

Much more work needs to be done to address climate change, and the oil and gas industry must be part of the climate change solution. With the right policy frameworks and incentives to encourage investment in transforming technology, all stakeholders can cooperate to achieve effective solutions. For our part, we will continue to underscore the importance of partnerships between all sectors and stakeholders to build on existing performance and expertise, improve understanding and ultimately progress on this complex issue.

For over 20 years, IPIECA has engaged in the various UN fora on climate change and has actively participated in the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change meetings, from Rio through to Lima. Ahead of, during and after the 21st Conference of Parties (COP-21) to be held in Paris in December 2015, IPIECA renews its efforts to engage with stakeholders and governments.

For more information, please visit The Paris Puzzle page on our website.

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