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IPIECA reporting survey 2014 results

15 Dec 2014

In 2014 IPIECA conducted its biennial reporting survey to assess the use of the IPIECA, API and OGP Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting across the industry during 2013 and uptake of other reporting frameworks as well as ascertain overall reporting trends. The survey also explored the ways in which companies use their sustainability reports and how they add value to the company, which has subsequently been sent to IPIECA members and non-member companies.

Overview of findings:

  • There has not been the growth in web-only or quarterly/continuous reporting expected in 2012 (although some respondents still see this coming…)
  • Benefits of reporting as seen by reporting companies:
    • Internal and external engagement
    • Constructive dialogue with stakeholders
    • Way to engage senior management
      • Result is - annually updated, verified data and policy statements readily available for external communication with wide range of stakeholders and purposes
  • Non reporting companies should report in order to:
    • Meet stakeholder expectations
    • Drive change
    • Improve performance
  • Engaging stakeholders on sustainability reporting prevents internal focus and unbalanced reporting – acts ‘as a filter’
  • 3 key issues for companies to report on:
    • Health and safety
    • Local communities – investment/impacts
    • Climate change and GHG emissions
  • 3 most important ‘emerging’ issues:
    • Climate change risks
    • Supply chain
    • Water
  • Overall uncertainty remains over use of GRI G4
  • Respondents would welcome IPIECA developing case studies on materiality to assist in developing sustainability reports

Further information is included in the results document. Email for further information.

Reporting survey results

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