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IPIECA’s contribution to IMO’s Global Sulphur cap discussion

As part of its ongoing interface with The International Maritime Organization (IMO), IPIECA will be attending the MEPC 70 meeting, 24-28 October in London, UK.

The IMO regulation (MARPOL Annex VI) sets a Global Sulphur cap in bunker fuels to 0.5% S (from 3.5%) by either 2020 or 2025, depending on the outcomes of a fuel availability study. The decision will be determined at the meeting.

The IMO Steering Committee consisting of 13 member states, one intergovernmental organization and six international non-governmental organizations (including IPIECA) has overseen the study developed by CE Delft. In parallel, EnSys/Navigistics, who was one of the contenders for the study, offered openly to carry out a supplemental study on an independent basis. IPIECA along with BIMCO, Petroleum Association of Japan (PAJ), Fuels Europe/Concawe, and Canadian Fuels, agreed to contribute to the costs of the study (known as Ensys/Navigistics study). This supplemental study aims to ensure that MEPC has adequate information to make a decision. As a non-advocacy group, IPIECA does not have a position on the implementation date of the Global Sulphur cap.

During the meeting, IPIECA will introduce the paper MEPC 70/5/5 ‘Review of fuel oil availability as required by regulation 14.8 of MARPOL Annex VI – Result of multi-stakeholder study by EnSys/Navigistics’ to the plenary on Monday 24 October. On the same day, Ensys/Navigistics will present their study at a lunchtime presentation straight after CE Delft.

Following the interventions made by member states and NGOs as well as the lunchtime presentations during that week, MEPC will engage in discussion to assess the available information and agree on a way forward.

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