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IPIECA’s work on methane

Exploring methane emissions

Methane is being targeted by policymakers and stakeholders as a more potent warming gas than CO2 in the short-term horizon. The oil and gas industry, along with other sectors, are being challenged to clearly report and reduce their emissions.

To enhance understanding of these issues, IPIECA published a factsheet on Exploring methane emissions in June 2015. The paper considers methane emissions and their wider implications, and explores the associated challenges, opportunities and continuing efforts within the oil and gas sector to address them.

In September 2015, IPIECA released the third edition of the IPIECA/API/IOGP Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting. This guidance recommends reporting on direct (“Scope 1”) methane emissions as a common reporting element.

IPIECA, supported by the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), organised a methane workshop in October 2015 with external speakers, company case studies and an industry roundtable around discussion on gaps in knowledge and potential areas of work moving forward. The workshop also considered data, studies and measurements from a wide range of oil and gas operations globally.

The workshop helped identify where IPIECA could focus future activities in this area, which included common definitions, reviewing and inputting to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition Oil and Gas Methane Partnership source management guidance, developing IPIECA guidance to complement existing materials, and data gathering (to be done by OGCI). Throughout 2016 and beyond we will be developing guidance on definitions, terminology, and methane management, and engaging with other organisations to improve the industry’s performance.

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