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Ipieca and its members are committed to supporting the delivery of the Paris Agreement.

The first Ipieca Principle, a condition of membership, is to ‘support the Paris Agreement and its aims’. The second Ipieca Principle is to ‘advance emissions reduction and innovation and enable adoption of low-carbon products and solutions across oil, gas and/or alternative energy’.

Since 1988, Ipieca has developed and shared good practice guidance and tools to reduce greenhouse emissions (GHG), enhance energy efficiency, collect accurate and transparent data on GHG emissions, and support the sustainable scale up of energy transition solutions. Ipieca also supports the work of global multi-stakeholder initiatives and partnerships aimed at driving down emissions.

In accordance with Ipieca’s commitment to supporting key UN conventions and agreements, such as the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement, Ipieca has attended every single COP since the inaugural event, held in Berlin in 1995.

As a non-lobby organization, Ipieca’s role is to listen to negotiations and to provide technical inputs and industry feedback on the issues under discussion when required.

During COP events we make use of our UNFCCC observer status to support the work of the UNFCCC Secretariat in implementation of the Convention and Paris Agreement:

  • Observing negotiations and ensuring the industry is kept abreast of advancements in negotiations and decisions taken to promote the effective implementation of the Convention and Paris Agreement
  • Hosting side events with industry, NGOs and academia to drive debate on relevant climate topics
  • Undertaking bilateral engagements across the COP to further the aims of Ipieca to advance environmental and social performance across the energy transition

After COP events, we work with our members and partners to raise awareness of the COP outcomes, share learnings and insights and produce practical guidance and tools to support the industry contribute to achieving the COP objectives.

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