Calendar25 October 2022

The annual Ipieca sustainability reporting survey identifies trends in the sustainability reporting practices of Ipieca member companies. The results provide an overview of current practices, identify widely used performance indicators and emerging trends, allow companies to learn from their peers, and improve industry communication around sustainability issues.

The results also cover a range of cross-cutting topics for Ipieca and its members, including just transition, supply chain and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The key findings from the 2022 survey are:

  • 83% of respondents use the Ipieca-API-IOGP Sustainability reporting guidance to inform their reporting
  • 67% of respondents reference the guidance in their 2021 report
  • 90% of respondents report to or reference the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their reports
  • 97% of respondents have seen a change in the type of information that stakeholders and investors are interested in in recent years

Top five materiality topics:

  • Climate change and energy
  • Workforce protection (inc. health)
  • Process safety and asset integrity
  • Business ethics and transparency
  • Energy security/geopolitical factors

Top three emerging topics for the company within sustainability:

  • Climate mitigation
  • Supply chain
  • Just transition

Download the summary report to learn more.

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