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IPIECA updates the Biodiversity Horizon Scanning Report

Horizon Scanning

IPIECA has issued a report highlighting the key issues linked to Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES) management within the oil and gas sector.

This report was produced with input from IPIECA member companies, and written by UNEP – WCMC, to support the strategic development plan 2013-2016. It explores the results of a survey conducted by IPIECA, drawing from the 2013 IPIECA Horizon Scanning Report and the expert knowledge within UNEP-WCMC, to provide a broad overview of the key issues linked to BES within the oil and gas sector.

This report highlights the key developments that guide BES management decisions and provides contextual information to aid IPIECA member companies in staying abreast of the core issues. Issues covered in the report are considered by both IPIECA members and UNEP-WCMC to be of high relevance to the oil and gas sector. As they represent a collection of trends, responses and developments that vary geographically and over time, it has not been possible to rank their importance.


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