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As people take to the streets in cities around the world in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, it is clear this is an issue not just confined to America. Racial injustice is something which every one of us, no matter our background, has a duty to stand up to.

Equality and respect are values deeply rooted in Ipieca. We understand that diversity of people and thought enriches our work, increases our reach and makes us a stronger organization.

For our secretariat and members, being part of Ipieca means being able to improve the lives and wellbeing of the communities where we operate, with human rights being at the very heart of our offering.

We work together to produce good practice guidance, training and tools on human rights due diligence, engagement with Indigenous Peoples and supply chain labour rights. Through Ipieca, our members have collaborated to translate the UN Guiding Principles in Business and Human Rights into practical steps which can be embedded in their own governance frameworks and processes and those of their contractors and suppliers.

Ipieca and many of its members are active participants in the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights initiative, engaging in joint government, NGO and private sector discussions to create common approaches to promote human rights and resources to help companies effectively implement the Voluntary Principles.

But we recognise that more can and should be done. As an industry we acknowledge that we still have a long way to go on issues such as gender imbalance and racial equality. Ipieca and its members commit their energy, expertise and resources towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal's aim of no one left behind. This challenge can only be achieved in a spirit of inclusion, collaboration and respect.

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