Calendar10 November 2023

The three-day workshop, run by Ipieca and hosted by TotalEnergies in Paris, brought together over 40 energy industry professionals from 12 Ipieca member companies.

As part of Ipieca’s role to foster knowledge sharing and support capacity building, the Water peer-to-peer workshop brought together over 40 water and sustainability professionals to share the latest thinking and good practices on water management in the oil, gas and alternative energy industry.

It aimed to help participants develop a deeper understanding of water management concepts, whilst providing an opportunity to share perspectives, insights and challenges.

The workshop included a mix of interactive presentations, group discussions, hypothetical case studies and activities covering:

  • The natural water cycle and the oil and gas water cycle

  • Water management in alternative energies

  • The business case for site-level water stewardship – and how it can be approached

  • How to plan and account for the water resources conditions around operational sites

  • How to improve water management and practice water stewardship

  • How to evaluate, measure and monitor water management performance at site and corporate level

  • Emerging trends in water stewardship

Ipieca’s water related guidance and tools formed a large part of the training materials alongside other industry supported materials, enabling their uptake and implementation across companies.

TotalEnergies’ Florence Brocard, chair of the water peer-to-peer workshop task force said, ‘the workshop was a great experience, with peers and colleagues willing to interact with others and share experiences. As a group, we have much more ideas, and a lot of subjects emerged to be worked on in the next years… This workshop definitely needs to be organized again to enable more people to attend.’

Ipieca Nature Senior Manager Dr Polly Hill said, ‘This was the first peer- to- peer learning event I had attended, and it was a wonderful opportunity to hear from the Water Working Group on their area of expertise. The Water Working Group is clearly passionate about water stewardship and had some interesting and inspiring case studies and experiences to share. There is clearly huge motivation amongst members to learn from each other so that the whole industry may improve how it does water stewardship, to allow for equitable access to high quality water for everyone.’

In October Ipieca also held a Biodiversity peer-to-peer workshop, facilitated by UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre and hosted by Ipieca members PETRONAS in Malaysia. Click here for more information.

Snapshots from the water peer-to-peer workshop, Paris

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