Calendar31 January 2023

Ipieca is pleased to welcome Canacol Energy, an independent onshore conventional natural gas exploration and production company in Colombia, as its newest corporate member. Ipieca’s global membership now stands at 80.

About Canacol Energy

Natural gas is playing an increasingly important role in the global energy transition. Canacol is part of the energy transition towards a cleaner energy matrix in Colombia, as natural gas is increasingly important for Colombia’s transition to a cleaner, more renewable energy mix.

The company fully supports the global plans to meet the global goals of the Paris Agreement and in Colombia to contributing to the reduction of 51% of emissions by 2030. It is committed to supplying the increasing energy demand while reducing CO2 emissions, improving air quality, and developing conditions for the growth and development of the countries where it operates.

Canacol is the leading independent gas exploration and production company in Colombia, supplying approximately 20% of the country’s gas needs and more than 50% of the Caribbean coast’s gas demand.

Canacol’s sustainability experts will join over 1,000 other experts from Ipieca member companies in sharing knowledge and developing guidance to advance climate action, environmental responsibility, social performance and mainstream sustainability.

Learn more about Ipieca’s global membership here.

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