Calendar8 March 2018
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Ipieca has released its new publication, the Methane glossary. The glossary aims to support the industry and other stakeholders in the use of consistent terminology, and to improve confidence in understanding and managing methane emission sources to further improve performance in reducing methane emissions.

Natural gas can play an important role as part of the global energy mix in a lower-carbon future, provided that levels of methane emissions from the extraction, processing and transmission of natural gas to the end user are limited. Due to the relatively short-lived but potent warming effects associated with methane, there is increasing focus on actions by the oil and gas industry (as well as other sectors) to increase reporting and further reduce methane emissions.

This glossary is part of Ipieca's ongoing efforts to enhance understanding of methane emissions. It details the technical information related to each term and, where deemed pertinent, provides additional contextual information to further support a clear and consistent understanding of the term being described.

The glossary includes sections on:

  • Methane sources
  • Emission estimation methodologies
  • Methane detection and measurement technologies and work practices
  • General terms
  • Further reading

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