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In August 2019, Ipieca and a number of shipping, refining, fuel supply and standards organizations released the Joint industry guidance on the supply and use of 0.50%-sulphur marine fuel.

This publication was designed to provide guidance for stakeholders across the marine fuels and shipping industries, from fuel blenders and suppliers to end users. It presents the specific safety and operational issues relating to the supply and use of maximum 0.50%-sulphur fuels, an overview of fuel quality principles, and the controls that should be put in place to ensure that safety issues are identified, prevented and/or mitigated.

Following the release of the guidance, Ipieca worked with marine training provider Videotel to develop Sulphur 2020, a free e-learning course on compatibility and cold-flow properties of marine fuels.

The course, which provides a step by step explanation of some of the complex issues involved in bunkering very low sulphur fuel oils was downloaded over 500 times in the two months following its release and has been viewed over 3,500 times on social media. Individual feedback from members and ship owner associations has been extremely positive.

Access the Sulphur 2020 e-learning course here.

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