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Launch of social investment practitioner notes

IPIECA has developed a set of three practitioner notes on social investment, designed to supplement IPIECA’s Creating successful, sustainable social investment: Guidance document for the oil and gas industry, originally published in 2008.

The practitioner notes focus on:

  1. Redefining key components of social investment
  2. Monitoring and evaluation of social investment
  3. Social investment across the oil and gas project lifecycle

IPIECA undertook a research project during 2015-16 to review the content of the Social investment guidance. While the research concluded that the framework and principles of the 2008 edition remain sound, valid and useful to companies, several topics were identified as warranting further exploration, to both build upon the content of the guidance and supplement industry knowledge in other areas.

As a result, these practitioner notes were produced to collate and present practical information on current industry practices in relation to social investment and analyse these in the light of the most recent developments in social investment thought and approaches, to complement the 2008 guidance. The practitioner notes were produced by collecting first-hand information through more than 50 telephone interviews with practitioners from member companies and external stakeholders, as well as conducting a thorough literature review.

The 2008 guidance has also been reissued to acknowledge the launch of the practitioner notes.

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