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Calendar7 December 2023

A review of existing good practices for environmental and social risks across the supply chain and carbon footprint management across the project life cycle of onshore and offshore wind and solar PV technologies.

The scale up of alternative energies is necessary if we are to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. This needs to take into account climate, environmental and social risks associated with their development and use.

Ipieca conducted a literature review to identify gaps in existing knowledge and work, and to define where Ipieca can add value to support the sustainable scale up of alternative energies. For nearly 50 years, Ipieca has been developing good practice guidance covering climate, nature, people and broader sustainability issues for the oil and gas industry. This expertise can be transferred to alternative energy technologies, as Ipieca acts as a convenor and integrator to share environmental and social knowledge and good practice across the energy transition.

This document provides a summary of the literature review, with detailed supporting appendices. It is based on a significant number of papers drawn from academics, solar and wind organizations, renewable companies, NGOs and other stakeholders.

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