Calendar17 May 2018
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Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS) is a key technology for the transformation of the energy sector. Without large-scale deployment of CCS, realizing a low-emissions pathway consistent with the goals of the Paris Agreement will be more costly.

As a continuing part of our effort to raise understanding and help inform constructive discussion on CCS, Ipieca held a workshop -Making CCS fly- that brought together more than 50 participants from across the oil and gas sector and expert communities to discuss the role, barriers and opportunities presented by CCS.

The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • highlight the key role, potential and benefits of CCS in achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement;
  • encourage actions to further progress and speed up its development and deployment;
  • review and identify the gaps and opportunities for developing CCS; and
  • better understand what various groups are doing on CCS and to plan the work and role for Ipieca.

This report provides a summary of the workshop together with a short description of the presentations, discussions and high-level key messages that will help inform future Ipieca work on CCS.

Building on this topic, Ipieca will shortly be publishing a factsheet -Making the case for CCS- that examines the scale-up and accelerated deployment of CCS.


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