Calendar26 May 2022

Providing suitable lighting in the workplace is complex. Lighting levels should enable workers to see comfortably and distinguish colours clearly when performing tasks. Lighting should also promote alertness, maximize energy efficiency and minimize the impact of artificial light on the environment, especially at night, including on marine life near offshore installations. The lack of light when working during the daytime and when exposed to light at night is increasingly being recognized as an important nonpharmacological determinant of health.

The Ipieca-IOGP Managing light exposure in the energy industries provides occupational health, HSE and occupational hygiene practitioners in the energy industries with pragmatic advice on how workplace lighting can limit circadian disruption and enhance health, safety, and performance:

  • Section 1 offers advice and strategies for implementing workplace lighting to promote worker health, safety and performance
  • Section 2 provides an overview of the relevant scientific background

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