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Twenty-one companies are now signatories to the Methane Guiding Principles (MGP), up from eight companies two years ago. Ipieca is one of the fourteen supporting organizations. This voluntary, international, multi-stakeholder partnership focuses on priority areas for action to continually reduce emissions of methane - a potent greenhouse gas - along the natural gas supply chain, from production to the final consumer.

On 16 January at its third annual meeting, the MGP agreed to a set of priority actions for 2020. These include:

  • Providing training for companies throughout the natural gas supply chain in 2020. The courses are for executive-level staff as well as those directly responsible for measuring, reporting or mitigating methane emissions. They will cover methane science, methane reduction strategies and planning, measurement techniques, a guide to technology, disclosure, and where to get guidance and support.
  • Supporting timely EU legislation that achieves ambitious methane emissions reduction across the supply chain of natural gas sold and used in the EU.
  • Developing additional material - including content on the transmission and distribution segments of the supply chain and methane measurement, detection and quantification - to complement the best practice guides, synopses and tools developed in 2019 to offer practical solutions for methane emissions management.
  • Supporting the expansion of the International Energy Agency's Methane Tracker and a database and roadmap to support regulators to establish methane regulation.
  • Exploring pathways to encourage joint venture partners to prioritise and implement methane mitigation opportunities.

"Ipieca is committed to methane management. We recently undertook a mapping exercise of over 100 methane initiatives creating a visualisation tool of the data, science and technical applications. This builds upon previous work including a methane glossary, webinars and workshops. We are pleased to be an MGP supporting organization and will actively support the partnership in delivering on its workplan," said Brian Sullivan, Ipieca Executive Director.

To learn more about methane emissions download Ipieca's factsheet.

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