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New guidance on the prevention of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases


Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), i.e. heart attacks and strokes, are the main cause of death within the oil and gas industry. Although primarily non-occupational, and often a consequence of lifestyle choices, CVDs represent a significant challenge to the current and future operational and financial performance of the industry.

Designed primarily for company medical professionals and line managers, this document provides basic guidance on the main types of CVDs and their causes and symptoms. The report also looks at some implications of cardiovascular diseases for the oil and gas industry, and offers strategies and improvements that can be implemented to help reduce the number of CVD-related deaths. A reference section indicates additional sources of information relating to CVD. The appendices include three useful tools that can help to reduce the incidence of workforce CVDs by raising awareness of their risks, causes, symptoms and outcomes, and also to promote healthier lifestyles, both at work and at home.

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