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New OGP-IPIECA good practice guidelines for the development of shale oil and gas


The OGP-IPIECA good practice guidelines for the development of shale oil and gas provide global principles for operations under which more detailed standards and/or practices may be developed to meet regional and local circumstances. These guidelines provide stakeholders with an overview of how the oil and gas industry manages the risks associated with its operations.

The scope includes all areas of shale gas and oil development, including water protection and the management of waste water, well integrity, air emissions and stakeholder engagement. In some instances, the guidelines may describe practices that reflect the obligations companies have under existing regulation.

Given the high level of public interest in shale oil and gas operations, these insights into how safety, environmental, health and community aspects may be addressed are particularly relevant. This information may also be used to structure discussions between stakeholders and operators at local level.

In developing these good practices, OGP and IPIECA reviewed various national and regional standards and practices from operators and industry organisations including API, ASRPG, UKOOG, as well as existing OGP and IPIECA guidelines.

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