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New water management framework for the oil and gas sector


IPIECA launched a new onshore Water management framework at World Water Week 2013 in Stockholm today. Designed to enable oil and gas companies to prioritize and address key water management issues, foster best practice, and standardize data collection, the framework also provides a platform for broad external communication of achievements, goals and progress.

While the oil and gas sector consumes lower volumes of water than many other global industries, it remains a significant user, and recognizes the need for responsible management of water resources as a contribution to global sustainability efforts. To help companies across the industry address and respond to water management challenges, this framework has been developed to provide a practical cyclical process of planning, implementation, evaluation, and management review.

The framework provides:

  • A template for integrated water resource management, addressing multidisciplinary aspects over the life of oil and gas operations
  • A structured industry approach outlining necessary steps to meet current and future water management practices
  • A platform for oil and gas companies to develop their own strategies and communicate water management activities and achievements to external stakeholders, including communities, regulators and governments, trade associations and NGOs
  • An outline of available or pending guidance and tools to implement good water management practices across operations

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