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Public consultation period opens on Climate Reporting Framework

IPIECA has developed a new Climate Change Reporting Framework, proposed as an Appendix to the Oil and gas industry guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting (2015). Expectations of the petroleum industry to report on climate change issues have increased and we would like to help make sure there is a consistent approach to our industry’s disclosure.

IPIECA recognises and is supportive of the need for transparency on issues related to climate change that impact the oil and gas sector. We have created this supplementary reporting framework to help facilitate public disclosure of climate-related risks and greenhouse gas emissions performance data relevant to our industry in a simple and straightforward manner. It offers a broad coverage of the issues and provides a consistent reporting methodology that complements IPIECA’s guidance on voluntary sustainability reporting and is broadly aligned with other disclosure frameworks.

IPIECA brings 40 years of experience and the knowledge from the member companies about how carbon performance and risk can be effectively managed, along with the understanding of stakeholder expectations specific to our industry.

As the next step, we wish to ascertain whether this framework meets the needs of stakeholders and investors. The public consultation period is now open for stakeholders to review the document and provide any comments or feedback by Friday 11 November. Please submit your responses to:


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