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IPIECA and IOGP launch new Shoreline response programme guidance

Global oil and gas industry associations IPIECA and IOGP have published the Shoreline response programme guidance.

This technical support document describes how to manage all the required onshore activities when dealing with an oil spill, such as carrying out oiled shoreline assessment surveys, technical-decision making related to spill treatment options, incident monitoring, post treatment inspection and stakeholder engagement.

Drawing on a wealth of experience responding to incidents worldwide, the guide helps all parties potentially involved to plan, prepare and be ready to implement a shoreline response programme scalable to any incident and to suitably manage the complex issues involved.

This publication builds on the Oiled shoreline assessment (SCAT) surveys and Shoreline clean-up techniques good practice guides which set out the broad principles and processes of conducting surveys of and responses to oiled or potentially oiled shorelines.

Download the guidance here.

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