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As the final sessions of the virtual 2020 SPE International Conference and Exhibition on HSE & Sustainability draw to a close, Ipieca looks back on some of the highlights from the conference.

During the five-day event, top industry leaders and experts presented their strategies and perspectives through plenaries and panels, papers and technical sessions.

As an endorsing partner, several representatives from the Ipieca secretariat and from Ipieca member companies presented on a range of sustainability topics in the oil and gas industry, from biodiversity and global conservation efforts to transforming the transport sector and the role the oil and gas sector can play in addressing sustainability challenges faced by the planet.

All talks are available to attendees on-demand for a period of 90 days after the conference. Please see below a summary of sessions from Ipieca representatives and related materials:

PresentationIpieca speaker(s)Related materials
Sustainable energy shaped by innovation and engagementKelly Goddard
Ipieca Vice Chair
Ipieca's work on the Sustainable Development Goals
Managing Covid-19: Six months in, what have we learned?Rob Cox
Ipieca Technical Director
Ipieca response to COVID-19 and useful resources
Reuse of produced water in the O&G industryMadeleine Gray
Ipieca Environment Manager
Reuse of produced water from the onshore oil and gas industry fact sheet
Global conservation effortsRob Cox
Ipieca Technical Director
Latest blog from Ipieca Executive Director Brian Sullivan: Biodiversity can't wait
Oil and gas on the right side of history: Addressing sustainability challenges facing the planetBrian Sullivan
Ipieca Executive Director
Ipieca-API-IOGP Sustainability reporting guidance for the oil and gas industry
Brian Sullivan blog on Ipieca and the energy transition
Transforming transport: Is electrification the only answer?Rob Cox
Ipieca Technical Director
Jim Herbertson
Ipieca Technical Director, Climate and Energy
Exploring low-emissions pathways for transport awareness briefing
Exploring low-emissions pathways: Advancing the Paris Puzzle awareness briefing
Lower-sulphur fuels, road transport strategies and air quality improvements guidance
Community liaison officers - generating pride and enabling engagementDaday De Leon
Shell, on behalf of Ipieca
Community liaison officers team building and management guidance
Advancing country SDG impactsNick Abrahams
SLB, on behalf of Ipieca
Mapping the oil and gas industry to the Sustainable Development Goals: An Atlas
A guide to environmental management good practices in the upstream O&G industryArtemis Kostareli
Ipieca Environment Senior Manager
Ipieca's work on environmental management in the oil and gas industry
Mapping methane initiatives to identify gaps and develop new understandingsLorena Perez Bajo
Ipieca Climate Change Senior Manager
Jim Herbertson
Ipieca Technical Director, Climate and Energy
Ipieca's work on emissions management
Exploring methane emissions factsheet
Methane glossary
The O&G industry's role in inter-governmental negotiations around global biodiversityArtemis Kostareli
Ipieca Environment Senior Manager
Managing biodiversity and ecosystem services in oil and gas development: Mainstreaming the mitigation hierarchy fact sheet

Learn more about the virtual 2020 SPE International Conference and Exhibition on HSE & Sustainability.

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