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The Ipieca monthly article round-up showcases recent sustainability-related achievements, projects and news from Ipieca members and organizations that Ipieca partners with, demonstrating their commitment to advancing environmental and social performance across oil and gas and achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The first edition for 2021 features member articles on innovative recycling solutions; wind, solar and green hydrogen projects; supporting remote learning in local communities; and advancements in propane. We also share articles from the United Nations and the World Economic Forum on the opportunity to recover better from the pandemic, and how the automotive industry is embracing the circular economy model.

Member sustainability articles


Chevron invests in carbon capture and utilization start-up

Chevron has announced its investment in Blue Planet, a carbon capture technology start-up specialising in the production of carbonate aggregates. Chevron's investment is accompanied by a letter of intent to collaborate on future pilot and commercial development projects to advance lower-carbon opportunities.

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Reducing ocean waste with innovative recycling solutions

Working with Chilean plastics company Comberplast, ExxonMobil is utilising its polymer expertise to recycle discarded plastic fishing ropes and help clean up the Patagonian coastline.

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Advancing offshore wind and exploring opportunities for offshore solar power

Equinor is advancing its role in renewable energy, having been selected to provide offshore wind energy to New York State in one of the United States' largest renewable energy procurement awards. The company is also exploring opportunities for floating offshore solar power plants, with a pilot plant expected to launch in Norway mid-late 2021.

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Japan's INPEX sets a course for net-zero emissions by 2050

Japan's biggest oil and gas producer INPEX has set out a path to net-zero emissions by 2050. Its strategy will focus on carbon capture, utilisation and storage, hydrogen, renewable energy, carbon recycling and forest conservation.

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World's first offshore wind/green hydrogen pilot secures funding

An innovative concept for a green hydrogen production system powered by excess offshore wind, with storage facilities on the seabed, has secured funding for an onshore pilot. Engineering work on the 'Deep Purple' project is set to begin within the next few months.

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Refurbishing laptops to support online learning in local communities

Addressing the digital divide and supporting continued access to education during the COVID-19 pandemic, SLB employees began an initiative to refurbish and donate laptops to local communities, providing children with the equipment needed for remote learning.

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Woodside Energy

Woodside signs memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Tasmanian government for renewable hydrogen production facility

An MoU signed between Woodside and the Tasmanian government will support the growth of a domestic renewable hydrogen industry and demonstrates the shared industry-government commitment to reducing emissions and achieving net-zero ambitions.

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World LPG Association

Innovation in the propane industry provides alternative fuel solutions

From its use as a marine fuel to propane-powered rockets and optimised heating solutions, the propane industry has seen significant technological advancements, developing propane's potential as a clean energy solution.

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Partner sustainability articles

United Nations

COVID-19 recovery a chance to change biodiversity and climate course

The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres encouraged world leaders at the One Planet Summit to utilise the pandemic recovery as an opportunity to advance policies to protect biodiversity and act on climate change, highlighting the role of nature based solutions and investors in achieving the aims of the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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World Economic Forum

Embracing the circular economy in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has the potential to drive the transition to a circular economy through designing cars and their plants for recyclability, second-life use of EV batteries, and car sharing. The Circular Cars Initiative, a coalition of more than 60 organizations, is championing this ambition.

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